The warm, loving and nurturing environment  helps each infant to rapidly develop skills and relationships that amazes both parents and Morahs. We strive to mirror babies routines from home to ensure a smooth transition. Babies begin to respond to the activities set up with curiosity and wonder. Trusting relationships with their teachers completes their feeling of belonging, which is critical to their development. We provide a warm and nurturing environment and take pleasure in the here and now playing and experiencing life’s wonders.


2 - 3 YEARS

In the Purple Room we foster toddlers thirst for knowledge through a range of learning environments that allow choice, encourage thinking and develop their individuality. We believe that for children to engage actively in their environment and in their learning they need to feel safe, respected and valued; they need to feel they belong. Group times are scheduled throughout the day where children can express their interests, build understanding and enquiry in a safe space. Our stimulating environment develops their competence in becoming active and involved learners.


3 - 4 YEARS

In the Blue Room we focus on the children discovering who they are, how they fit into this world as well as who they will become. Through our beliefs about learning through play, the children explore and investigate a variety of materials and concepts with hands on experiences. We prompt the children's learning and curiosity through subjects such as science, maths, music, movement, drama, pre writing skills, language and literacy just to name a few. Various social dynamics are offered throughout the day and the children's independence skills are always being encouraged. We invite the children to make decisions about their environment, routine and other matters that affect them.


4 - 5 YEARS

The Green Room offers pre-schoolers a rich and stimulating learning environment using a play-based learning approach. We see our classroom as a place for learning where children discover who they are, what their capabilities are and learn their roles in our changing world through play. Each child is different and brings their own interests, knowledge and skills and we encourage and celebrate this. There is a balance between adult lead intentional teaching opportunities and child driven projects. We prepare children for school by building their confidence and developing a positive identity. This is to foster children’s transition into school with ease and success.

Meet our friendly and experienced educators and find out first hand what makes Gan Gabi so special.


“My child has been at Gan Gabi since he was 4 months young, his home away from home. Each year his growth is evident, and what I feel most pride in is his development in his Jewish culture. At Shabbat he shares all his favourite songs, and sings them loudly.”


“I am so happy with the care and program in the Red Room. I feel like I am leaving my child with the most warmest and caring people possible. The program and the crafts are so age appropriate and my sons are so proud of their work. As parents we have been very happy and our boys have always come home with a big smile from their day!”